What Will it Really Look Like?


Milestone has provided their own version of what the tower might look like. Sort of a spindly pole ... doesn't look too bad from a distance ... you can barely see it, especially if the photographer is crouching behind some buildings or trees ...

Well, these are not flag poles. They are towers. They are big, and they are tall. Here is what we think it will really look like. These pictures are made from the balloon test on November 6th, combined with photos of an existing Milestone tower at Jefferson High School. The tower is at the height of the balloon, approximately (it was a windy day ... the balloon was usually flying at an angle). To be fair, we took the Jefferson lights off, and substituted the proposed "low profile" antennae for the more familiar version that are on the Jefferson tower.

But keep in mind that this shows only the first carrier's (T-Mobile) low-profile antenna. With space for four additional carriers, the antennae could run halfway down the tower, and we really have no idea what they would look like.

Click for a larger view.

View from the Lincolnia Park Recreation Club pool.

The path would need to be torn up and re-routed to go around the proposed enclosure. The stake in the foreground marks one corner of the compound.

Four bars at the pool! Michael Phelps would be happy.

Path leading from Redwing up to the school.

Back yard view at 5102 Redwing.

Photoshop effects by Big Paws Rule ... Thanks Susan!

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